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Class Programmes

TKKM o Te Rotoiti is a unique kura where we value the cultural background of all our tamariki and their whanau. Our philosophy is to give our children the self-esteem, and the skills and knowledge to have success in learning. We want all our children to become life long independent learners.

TKKM o Te Rotoiti – a school moving forward offers you:

  • Classrooms that are visually stimulating

  • Well focused teaching

  • Hands on quality learning experiences

  • Teaching that focuses on raising achievement levels in literacy and numeracy

  • Highly effective curriculum planning

  • Skilled teachers who are totally committed to your child’s learning

  • Sports programmes

  • Cultural programmes

  • Interaction with other schools

  • A safe healthy learning environment

  • A Smoke-Free School Environment

  • E-Learning

All parents are asked to make a commitment to assist in their children’s education

For your child/ren to benefit from their time at kura and achieve their potential they need your support in these ways;
  • Breakfast before they come to school

  • A healthy morning tea and lunch

  • Listening to your child read and talking with them about the story

  • Talking with your child about the school day and listening to what they have to say